Just talk freely

Natural language access to your JIRA

Unlike other so called "bots" that need you to learn their commands - TemplateBot understands your language...and it learns new tricks every day !

Create and update issues from your Slack conversations, assign, query - All in plain English and without leaving Slack

Ask the bot for help

The conversation with Jiranious has the concept of current project and current issue. Supposed you write "assign it to Steve" - Jiranious will exercise the assignment on the currently selected issue, where if your wrote: "assign issue NRE-88 to Steve" - that specific issue will be assigned and become the new current issue in the conversation

Turn discussions into issues

Import your Slack conversations from ANY channel into to create new Jira ticket without tabbing out

Keep in Sync

Get real time notifications on changes relevant to you directly into Slack


You don't need formal commands

Just talk freely

How to Connect to Jira


Enter Jira Cloud Settings

browse to your Jira Cloud Dashboard

The url is usualy : http://YOURCOMPANY.atlassian.net
Click on Jira settings - Admin permissions are required


Goto Application Links

Click on Applications

Click on Application Links bellow


Configure Application Links


Enter the URL of the application you want to link:
press on the button: CREATE NEW LINK


Configure Application URL

Ignore the message : No response received ....

Just click continue


Fill Application Name

Write jiranious in application name

keep the application type Generic
click the continue button


Edit Jiranious application

press the pencil icon (edit) on the right hand side

On the dialog hit the button: Incomming Authentication
a new dialog should be opened


Fill the consumer fields

consumer key is: ew-jira-k1

consumer name is:
scroll down to public key



Fill Public Key and callback

copy the public key

(including the BEGIN and END tags)
fill the consumer callback url:
you are done, just save and go back to Slack


Jiranious Pricing Table

Small Cap
$ 0 /MON
  • Up to 9 Slack users
  • Full access to all features
  • Automatic updates
  • Email support
  • Jira cloud & server
  • For each slack users
  • Full access to all features
  • Automatic updates
  • email support
  • Jira cloud & server
$ 100 . /MON
  • Cloud solution within your organization
  • Full features via a Docker container
  • Behind the firewall Jira Server compatible
  • Private slack bot
  • Priority support


Please fill free to connect with us
and let us know if you have any question


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